Thursday, July 29, 2004

Welcome to "A Season of Mists!"

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Welcome to the [revised] inaugural entry of "A Season of Mists: The life and times of [a patent agent]."

Contrary to popular opinion, the purpose of this blog is not to increase global warming or bring about the next revolution, neither of which I have any interest in seeing (yet). This blog exists for the sole purpose (well "sole" might be a bit strong but we'll see) of an outlet. I would like to share some of the happenings one would experience if one were, well, me. The entries will reflect things happening in the law, things happening in intellectual property law, things happening at my [former] law school, things happening in the surrounding area, and things happening to, around, with or involving me.

[N.B. from Oct. 25, 2006: At this time, the relative directionless nature of this blog shall remain.. errr... directionless. At some point I would like to find a nice, definitive focus but it won't be coming any time immediately soon. If you have any thoughts, drop me a line.]

Which brings us to me. Who am I? I am Alan. (Nice to meet you!) More specifically, I'm a patent agent currently working for a local patent firm in Connecticut. (I've been with the firm since Winter '05.) Before that, I attended law school in CT for three years. Before that, I worked for a small group of lawyers in Fairfield, CT for a year. Before that was four years of college in Pennsylvania. (Go Dips!) And before that, four years of high school (replete with llamas, golden eagles and an award-winning marching band).

As for non-academic and non-work related things, I love tennis, collect action figures and graphic novels, like to read books (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror), listen to music and play the odd computer game (ex-WoW junky). I'm currently living at home with my mom and two dogs (two bichon frise - small, white, fluffy things with teeth that bark too much). If you'd like to know anything else about me, ask and ye shall receive (probably).

Hopefully the blog will be updated. Hopefully it will be updated with substantive content. Hopefully some of it will be funny or, at the very least, amusing to people other than myself. Hopefully someone other than myself will read it. That's a lot of hope but hey, I'm relatively young and still more hopeful than cynical (I think). Just remember to bring your towel with you. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

ADDENDUM: Top Ten Things You May Not Have Known About Me and Never Thought To Ask [Oct. 31, 2004]

ADDENDUM II: This post has been revised. It was originally drafted and posted over 2 years ago - a little tidying up was inevitable. As I once read in a computer magazine so many eons ago, "the only constant is change." [Oct. 25, 2006]

ADDENDUM III: Cross-link to Why I Became A Patent Agent.