Friday, July 30, 2004

"Catwoman" Can't Hack It

I tend to see a lot of movies (and I mean A LOT) so you can expect a fair number of movie reviews and reports.

I just got back from seeing "Catwoman" starring Halle Berry. Now I'm a huge fan of comic book movies and tend to hold them to higher standards than other movies but "Catwoman," even at that lower standard, was absolutely abysmal. And I mean that in a pretty bad way. The plot was thin, the characters lacked depth and it had enough "Matrix Revolutions"-like CGI parts to annoy me. A lot. A friend of mine said it might be a rental for him (i.e. it wouldn't rate the cost of a movie ticket). I'd say let this one slide, it's not worth the price of a rental. If you get HBO et al. (Showtime, Cinemax, Stars, etc.) and, once Catwoman reaches one of those, it's on, I'd say watch it.. but only if there's nothing else on except "Howard the Duck."

Alan's Movie Rating: Won't see it again. (Unless someone pays me money. And no checks. Cash only. I don't trust you deadbeats...)