Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weekend Update

I had Friday off and pretty much took the whole weekend off from blogging. The recent former frequency should return up until Thanksgiving at which time a holiday visit with family will likely intercede. But tough.

This weekend was rather fun. I saw three movies, each of which will comprise the topic of a forthcoming post (see end of this post for more information), hung out with Capt. Kate, her husband and her sister, and generally had a nice weekend. Which is to say I did not go into work as I probably should have. But it was a nice weekend and I caught up on sleep so bleh to the work for once.

Also of note this weekend, Cinemax ran a weekend-long Star Wars marathon. On the main channel, they played Episodes 1-6, in order, back-to-back, from Friday night through Monday morning. Wow. I would turn on the TV to Star Wars. Every time!!! It was a like a dream come true! I truly enjoyed it. Makes me wish there was a cable channel that played all six movies, end-to-end, ad infinitum. T'would be delicious!

Speaking of delicious, I've taken to watching Desperate Housewives on Sunday nights, ever since I first watched it in Texas. Very good show! I highly recommend it!

On Saturday, I went up to Hartford/Bristol/Plainville and hung out with Capt. Kate, her husband (Pete) and others (her sister and her aunt). I had a great time. After seeing a movie (Stranger Than Fiction), the four of us (no aunt) went to a local bar and had drinks and dessert. Some time in there, I looked around and thought: "Right now, there is nowhere else I would rather be." For me, that's about as peaceful as it gets. Well, it does get more peaceful but not right now, not these days, and not where I am. So that was very refreshing, to pause and think that then & there, I was content. It's an extremely rare moment for me, indeed.

And to that end, I do want to toss a thank you out into the void to Capt. Kate, husband Pete and sister Sarah for hanging out. I was a bit snarky that night, for which I apologize, but I had a good time and that's pretty rare for me these days. I enjoyed it.

Friday, I slept in. Sunday, I repeatedly napped on the couch. Not much more to say, really.

Well, lastly, below please find a list of upcoming posts. I'm going to try and get these done this week. I may not hit every topic from that list I made in September, but I want to give it a good shot.

Now it's time for some reading before sleeping. Cheers!~

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