Thursday, November 16, 2006

more, More, MORE!!!

Of what, though? No clue. Just more!

Late-Night Political Jokes

"Is this a 'neener-neener' situation or more of a 'Who's your daddy?'" -- Dilbert (11/16/06)

LICD has a mildly amusing Heroes comic.

Evan Schaeffer relates a new ABA ethics opinion on metadata. Well worth looking into this if you're involved in litigation. Metadata in documents produced for discovery could be significant and potentially harmful.

Scott Adams explains how he was hypnotizing his readers yesterday. I don't think it worked on me. Seriously. I didn't actually imagine or mentally respond to the suggestions. Plus, at the end I didn't "wiggle my toes" or even place any emphasis on the "knot in your back" phrase. *shrug*

And yesterday was only an "okay" day. Not excellent, not terrific, not great, merely "okay." Very few of my days are much better than that.

BlawgSearch, you know – for those times when you have an overriding compulsion to search the legal blogs... it might happen... Mine isn't listed there and I'm not submitting it. I may have graduated from law school and I may be working in a legal-esque job (Patent Agent), but it's somewhat rare that I actually write about anything legal.