Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Refining the Process

I got a helpful e-mail from an actuary friend of mine (good luck to him on his exam tomorrow!) that included, among other things, an online dating website I should check out. While snooping around that site, I happened across a helpful "How To" post. This in turn led to E-Cyrano which is run by Evan Marc Katz.

E-Cyrano is a service that helps people with their personal profiles and such. Mr. EMK has authored at least two books about online dating and/or dating in general. Presumptively he knows things that I do not.

I will not be subscribing to his services. I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to figure this thing out eventually. It may take some time and a few missteps, but I'm smart and capable. Plus I'd like things to be personal and honest, attributes I fear might otherwise suffer from too many fingers spoiling the cake. (How does that aphorism go? Ah! "Too many cooks spoil the broth.")

Where is this going then? Right here! (You can take this job and shovel it!) I think the (free) suggestions over at E-Cyrano helped me see how I should be approaching online dating. Thus far, I haven't really been trying very hard. One site, a thought-out profile but without too much originality. One (thus-far fruitless) message to one woman where the message was decent but not good enough. Not by far.

I can do better. I know I can. It will take some time, some real, honest thinking and writing, maybe even a little sweat (egads!), but I can do it and I can do it well. I'm not good at meeting women on my own per se, but I'm very confident I'll be successful with online dating. I can write pretty well when I want to and I'm sure I can ensnare attract some otherwise hapless wench gorgeous Playboy bunny wonderful woman into doing my bidding making me Belgian waffles going out with me. No sweat!

(And, while I'm here with the whole "refining the process" shebang, I do hereby solemnly swear that I shall not give up nor shall I lose hope. I can and will succeed.)