Monday, November 27, 2006

A Long Weekend

They are so nice although equally rare. I would wish I had more of them only I'm already behind in my billables as it is.

T'was a nice Thanksgiving. Nothing really special to report. My cousin made up with her brother and parents so all is right in the world (or so I am assured). Went out to dinner on Friday night with relatives, including grandparents. The usual.

On Friday, my other cousin ("her brother") and I hit Best Buy. As friends of mine can attest, when I go shopping, I go shopping. And on a day when there are deals galore, oh yes. I shopped. Snagged some DVDs (Underworld: Evolution, Inside Man, X-Men 3, The Office: Season 1, Boston Legal: Season 2), 1 CD of The Who, two 1GB flash drives, Neverwinter Nights 2 for the PC and Gun for the PS2. Everything I got was on sale except for Boston Legal. Very nice prices. So I feel like I did my part and contributed to the rampant consumerism that currently prevails.

Finished Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys. Good book. Not my favorite of his (that honor belongs to American Gods) but a good book from one of my favorite authors.

Saw Casino Royale in the theater. Review forthcoming.

Watched Inside Man on DVD. Review forthcoming.

Last night's Desperate Housewives was a little eery. Not my favorite episode thus far but unsettling in its conclusion. Makes you wonder. Could be a post on that – maybe, maybe not.

I shall have to locate my old thread topics list(s) and relink those so I don't forget them.

Oh, there was a bonus Boston Legal last night. So good! I was going into withdrawal and now I have plenty. Good episode – sets up Tuesday night's. I always find it inordinately amusing when Alan Shore (excellent first name, by the way) gets to act completely like himself – crude, rude and lewd. It's even better when his foil is a goodie-two-shoes (like Denise Bauer, nudge nudge, wink wink). And there was another "breaking the fourth wall" (whomever came up with that one?) moment when Alan Shore referenced Tuesday at 10 as the time for a trial. I eat that stuff up. Love the show. Woot for Boston Legal!

Hehe, Tuesday night. I'm going to a concert by The Who with my mom and her friend.

I think I'm borderline coming down with a cold. My throat is generally ick in the morning. I don't feel bad, though (yet). And my tongue looks a little funny (patchiness with whiter/lighter spots and normal ones). I can sometimes tell when my body is fighting off the initial stages of a cold/flue/whatever. I'm pretty sure this is it. So I better get some good sleep, maybe get in to work a *little* later in favor of said extra sleep. And just take it a little slower, a little easier. If I can work out this phase, I can avoid the cold/flue/whatever completely. It rarely works like that but it can be done.

Another swig of coffee and off I go!