Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Various Varieties of a Veritable Voluminous Volume of Vocations

Well, not really, but the alliteration was just screaming at me and the end of the whole phrase just didn't want to stay on topic, per se. I tend to be a sucker for alliteration when I can sneak it in. Granted, the above does not actually qualify as "sneaking it in" since it is so un-subtle in its approach, but I am content with the non-sneakiness of it as, in fact, its mere presence comforts me.

Yes, I am mildly crazy. No, you cannot have a slice of pie. Now go to your room.

Side Note: It looks like much below is presented in the atypical-blog format of "paragraphs." (*GASP*) That is, instead of the otherwise-employed short bites ( e.g., one-to-three-sentence paragraphs). Too bad. Read or scan it if you like, don't if you don't.

Moving on... I have a varied multitude of items for presentation. There are common themes and interlinking, but they served merely as a jumping point for the explorations. That is, I began by clicking to a first thing. Then I clicked to the second thing in the list. Then I had a quasi-random thought about the second thing which took me to a plethora of other things and further introspection and consideration. Then, when I finished that, I clicked to the third thing, and so on. Only replace 'thing' with 'site.' "Actually, replace 'accidentally' with 'repeatedly' and 'dog' with 'son.'" (!!!)

It's been a while since I last visited UCL and it's a rather a shame too since it's an excellent blog by a lawyer (not lawyer blog). One post of his (A word about this blog) rang true for me. The post responds to some critical comments he's received about his blog and the nature of it:
I don't maintain this blog for commercial purposes or to advertise anything about myself to anyone. I'm not purposely trying to maintain a regular readership. I do thoroughly enjoy being able to interact with total strangers on things I find interesting about life, the world, the law, whatever. So I appreciate what readers I do have and enjoy getting feedback from them. But what I won't do is change the format of this blog from what I really like using it for, which is to basically serve as my soap box.
There's more, but I leave it to you if you're so inclined. I want to applaud UCL for both his blog and the post. One reason I used to regularly follow his posting (and probably should again) is because it was open, honest and him. No apologies, some holding back but not based on honesty or the truth, just the usual reservation or delay for personal items. Bravo, UCL! Bravo!

I was looking at BTQ for the first time in a long time (I can even remember when Fitz-Hume posted there and when he left) when I discovered two other blogs via comments.

The first is Still Angry, authored by a fellow named Dylan. I was rather excited to discover this one as I used to read Dylan's posts on his old blog. He always struck me as an interesting fellow who was worth listening to and conversing with. So it is with no small amount of joy that, when I do finish redoing the links column to your left, his new blog will certainly be included among the higher-up categories, possibly the one corresponding to you-should-read-this-damnit or this-is-good-damnit. I'm sure the word "damnit" will be employed in some manner or other. It is something of a shame that his old blog (which I shall let remain nameless) is gone as the posting there was worth reading. (Though I understand and appreciate why it is gone, as I can picture that, one day, this blog, too, may similarly disappear for the same reasons.)

The second one is Obsessive Law Student. Though her posts are interesting and honest (two qualities I look for in personal blogs I follow), what sealed the deal was a post of hers about her religious and personal beliefs and how they reflect (or, more accurately, do not reflect) mainstream ( i.e. widespread) views of her religion (Tempting Faith and the Liberal Disdain for Evangelicals). It's rather hard to describe so you'll forgive me if I instead suggest you skim her post.

I have a whole other post in the works responding to OLS' post. Look for it in the very near future. Originally it was included in this post but, upon further contemplation, it grew beyond the reasonable limits of inclusion.

OLS also had a post about Any Soldier which looks and sounds like something I'd like to do. I'm no soldier and I won't be serving my country by fighting in a war any time soon, but I have tremendous respect for those that do. This seems like one of those genuine ways to support them (and not the government or the Republicans or those who want(ed) to go to war but the soldiers themselves) in some small way that might actually count.

Another site I found is Between Lawyers which, although apparently posting infrequently, looks to be interesting.

Also, in The Dilbert Blog, Scott Adams discusses Comic Asses. You have been warned. (Though monkeys are occasionally involved.)

And I can't recall if I've already linked to Legal Mojo before. Good starting place for finding a law job. Excellent starting place for finding an IP law job. (Must remember!)