Monday, November 27, 2006

Catch Up

Versus catsup, for example. Because the latter would be messy and could stain whereas the former is the result of an extra long weekend.

A new subtitle will be up shortly. I'm going to include attribution from now on, for the sake of completeness if nothing else.

And I am all things tough. Just ask my stuffed bear, Pookie.

No, I don't really have a stuffed bear named Pookie. (His name is Mr. Brown.)

Moving right along, and in general order of discovery, we learn that PvP: The Animated Series will debut in February of next year. If you sign up by the end of this year, it costs $10 less than it will next year. While I have not as yet actually signed up (per se), nor have I had the privilege, nay, the honor of feasting on the preview, I can assure you that Mr. Kurtz will be receiving $19.95 from me in due course (prior to New Year's). PvP is one of those comics that deserves your support and your hard-earned cash. I urge you to check out the preview (of which I myself will partake later on this eve) and subscribe to the animated series. I have that much faith in Mr. Kurtz, his passion and his work. It doesn't hurt to mention that Ryan Sohmer of LICD fame is also involved in this project. (I have faith in Mr. Sohmer too only it's more along the lines of padded rooms and rubber eating utensils. Ever wield a rubber chopstick? Does such a thing exist? Is it patentable? Could I license the patent and retire to England on the profits? Would I be a celebrity? Would I enjoy the traditional immunity celebrities enjoy, such as for legal infractions including, but not limited to, speeding tickets and dead bodies? What if the dead bodies were squirrel carcasses? Could I hyphenate a phrase that includes" carcass"? Would "carcass-like stench" suffice? Is there a perfume that might ever have qualified for such an adjective? If so, why was it made in the first place? So many questions, so little... focus.)

Foxtrot's Thanksgiving comic (11/26/06) is hysterical and oh-so-perfect. Tell me you don't have dreams/nightmares of the same.

Meanwhile, Get Fuzzy (11/26/06) has a surprisingly poignant commentary on apathy, particularly as it relates to foreign events. It's rather accurate, too, and that is incredibly scary.

CAD (11/27/06) has a more humorous comic, expounding upon "the panic meter." I find myself sympathetic to Ethan this time (he's usually a bird-brained, clueless gamer-dolt) as I'm not sure where such a pronouncement would fall on my own panic meter. I imagine it would be slightly below "our internet connection is down" and slightly above "Holy shit, I have a girlfriend?!??!"

LICD's (11/25/06) Rayne has devised a thunderdome-esque online dating scenario. I cannot say the idea does not both intrigue me and make me wonder why I didn't think of it first. It's.. so.. obvious! Alas, reality occasionally has a way of obliterating one's dreams.

Ooh, that's a half-decent quote, perhaps even suitable for the subtitle some time.

Scott Adams asks: Do humans have free will? Personally, I think it's indeterminate either way and/or is definitional. Hmmm... It almost seems to me like Scott's argument (may I call you "Scott?") is more so that free will is indistinguishable from pre-programmed instructions. Again, I think it could go either way and doesn't really matter. Why? Because if you can't clearly settle it one way or another, it doesn't quite matter under which theory you operate so long as you do continue to operate. It's the action(s) that matters. The reason behind it simply provides context and occasional clarity. It's not requisite per se.

That could be an interesting self-discussion. I should make a mental (or physical) note to try and draft a post on that line of thinking. At this point I'm just spouting it out, not really reviewing it to see if I believe it. Huh.

Scott Adams also discusses his stance on the Iraq war. This one I completely agree with. It's the exact same position that I have, based on similar arguments. I wouldn't have phrased it quite as well but it mirrors the reasoning I employ. If the one certainty is that the longer we're there, the more American soldiers will die and the more it will cost our country, why not try to minimize those losses?

If you live in England and read down this far, here's a coupon for 40% off wine and champagne at Thresher. (Courtesy of gapingvoid.) Bottoms up!

Also at gapingvoid: Seth Godin's Unforgiveable Manifesto. "Don't settle. That's unforgivable." It's an excellent manifesto. Go look.

Also at gapingvoid: The Hughtrain Mk II. Hugh's own manifesto. Also worth a read.

By the way, Dunkin' Donuts has cool-looking holiday-themed coffee-filled (third time's the charm!) coffee cups. The "America runs on Dunkin(SM)" logo includes a person wearing a hat, a scarf and gloves.

It's the little things that tend to make me happy to be here.

(Another quote for the quote page, when I get to it.)

And I will continue that Humanism discussion. ...just later tonight, after work.

Heroes tonight. Also Studio 60. Watch them or die. (Or don't die. Whatever.)