Monday, November 20, 2006

Eating, Bowling & Scene It With A Friend+1

Yesterday I hung out with movie.girl and movie.girl's.fiancée.

By the way, when the Hell did 11:20am on a Sunday become too early to call someone? I mean, I never condoned such "early" calls back in college, especially since I often woke up between 11am and noon on a Sunday (and occasionally I'd sleep in until 3-4pm), but this isn't college any more. Don't "normal" people wake up by 11am or am I now so abnormal in my timing that I'm off by so much?

Similarly, isn't it okay to plan on meeting up for a Sunday lunch (for around 12:30pm-1pm or so)? I didn't meet up with them until 4:15pm and that, apparently, was pushing it a little. I would generally consider 4pm and after to be later in the day, especially for a Sunday. Hmmm.

I just don't get it.

Anyhow, I met up with movie.girl for the first time in over 9 months and got to meet her fiancée. It was a rather odd time. I was fairly mellow, having been awake since 8:45am (that's almost sleeping in for me), and the two of them are moderately quiet-like themselves. Add in that I was just meeting mr.fiancée and, well, it was odd. (To be honest, none of us were very comfortable, at least initially.) He's a nice guy, really, and I'm happy for her but... the dynamics between the two of them are strange. For one, he's only now moving in with her. Since they've only been going out for 9 months, I suppose the timeline for moving in is cool, although it conflicts a little with the whole engagement thing (i.e. getting engaged before living together). And at times it felt like... like they were still getting to know each other or like they were discovering aspects of the other's personality. As if there were still things about each other that they were either learning or were not completely settled with yet. It's hard to describe and I could easily be completely wrong but it wasn't that comfortable coexistence vibe that I've gotten from other couples who are friends.

In any case, we snagged an early dinner at the Wood 'n Tap (we all shared a few appetizers). Then we went bowling in East Hartford (2 games). Then we went back to movie.girl's house (i.e. their house) and played 3 games of Scene It. It was fun but... it wasn't comfortable and it wasn't that old kind of relaxed hanging out that movie.girl and I used to do. Were we (all of us) waiting for the other shoe to drop when there was no other shoe?

Everything changes.

I don't know if it was that I was uncomfortable or that I sensed it or that I caused it. From one meeting, I cannot deduce anything more. I don't know if it would be easier with repetition or whether it would never be easier. I don't know if I completely misread things or if I'm spot on. I generally trust my judgment and senses but these impressions may easily be colored by things I want to see and not things that are there.

Regardless, it was nice to see her again and I'm glad I got to meet her fiancée. I hope things work out for them. (I also kind of hope I get an invite to the wedding, though if it's in Mexico and I'm single, I'm not positive I'd go. But I'd really think about going. You don't miss weddings if you can help it.) I probably won't see her/them again in a while (e.g., 6+ weeks).