Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dreamscape & More

I vaguely recall a dream I had last night. I was at a friend's law firm (somewhere I've never been before so it was a made-up setting) interviewing for a position. The only part I can remember right now is that I was interviewing with my old trumpet teacher, back from my high school (or middle school?) days. He was questioning me and I was contemplating whether I would leave my current job for this new one if they made me an offer. I also vaguely remember that he was reviewing my resume or record or such and was stating (for the record?) that it looked like my record wasn't very good. Or some such.

I don't have a lingering impression that the dream was good or bad, per se. It just was.

For the second week in a row, no Boston Legal. I am now going into withdrawal.

I am tired this morning, even though I got a fair amount of sleep last night (6 hours, which, for me, is average).

Good News: I have Thursday and Friday off, as most Americans do, for Thanksgiving.

Bad News: I'm spending Thursday through Saturday with my relatives. While it's nice to see them, it's certainly not relaxing.

Good News: Thanksgiving may be interesting this year as my cousin butts heads with her parents (my dad's sister and her husband).

Bad News: Thanksgiving may be interesting this year as my cousin butts heads with her parents.

Those four news bits are all tied together so they don't really count for much more than one small paragraph (equivalently).

I think that, after posting this post, I shall post something I drafted on Monday (but did not then post immediately). It's a little strange but I'd like to share it. Hopefully no one finds it terribly disturbing. Then again, I was aiming for "mildly disturbing" and it's rather hard to precisely peg shades of gray. If all else fails, remember that I can be rather odd when (a) I want to, or (b) when I let a bit of my guard down. It happens.

Otherwise, I have things to do, as is the norm.

By the by, anyone out there ever use the term "vanilla" when referring to something plain or ordinary? As in "that's vanilla" or such. I used the term in that manner when speaking with movie.girl over the phone last Sunday and she expressed surprise with the term. Albeit she liked the concept of it, I'm just curious whether it's a novel concept or not.

I think I'm here though my mildly sleep-addled head may be orbiting the non-planet Pluto (slightly). This may be a long day.

ADDENDUM: I posted that post but it's below this one due to some funky time-accreditation. I could reverse/fix that but I'm going to leave it as is. I'd rather have this post be the top-most one instead. Cheers!