Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Heroes Is Going Downhill

Last night I watched my weekly doses of Heroes and Studio 60. While the latter was humorous and entertaining as usual, the former was rather disappointing.

The previous 7 episodes of heroes had the series building to a crescendo:
Save the cheerleader, save the world!
Chances are you've seen the tagline in their commercials. There are a series of paintings painted by a guy who can see the future, detailing the attack on her and when and where it would occur. Peter, one intrepid would-be hero, was more or less meeting other heroes and trying to get them to help the cheerleader, to save her.

So last night the paintings came true. The scenes they depicted unfurled. She was attacked, Peter was there, presumptively she was saved.

And that was it.

No other heroes came to her rescue. Not. A. One. The attack could have been bad, easily, but she survived without too much trouble and there you go.

So what the fuck was the big deal?

Why make that your tagline, build up to it with ominous messages and paintings and foreshadowing and meetings when it turns out to be fuck-all for the series? Granted, the ending was a little interesting since there's obviously something going on – some cabal of nefarious evil-doing anti-heroes (a.k.a. villains) who will undoubtedly destroy the world if not opposed by the heroes. But don't make the crescendo the cheerleader then merrily skip over it on your way to the real end-game which you have cleverly failed to suggest or foreshadow.

Good lord.

The first episode was so right and yet the series has been diminishing ever since. It makes me want to cry, to weep from pent-up rage and frustration at a concept that was perfect and initially well-formed but has now devolved into endless nothingness of not-progression and trickery. Oh how the mighty have fallen!