Friday, November 03, 2006

Of Phone Numbers and Tycho

I called C.K. a bit ago and I now possess the digits for one a.f.girl. Since a.f.girl is at work until I leave for West Point, I shall call her later tonight, possibly from outside a Mexican restaurant in Westchester County, possibly from outside a football stadium at West Point. The world may never know.

Quite possibly I am tingling with anticipation. Quite possibly. I wouldn't say I am "abuzz" per se, but jumpy and excited to be sure. TONIGHT I CALL!!! Part of me desires to spring forth from my desk and run in circles until, panting with exertion and high with expectant anticipation, I collapse in a sweaty pile of person. Another part of me yearns to share my almost-certain success with a coworker to bask in the glow of heady unearned pride and dreams. Fortunately neither of those parts has actually expressed itself in anything more than this mere text. I think I shall see what I shall see. After all, once I have the date I could brag. (Although realistically it would be better to brag after said date since I know next to nothing about a.f.girl. Still, if a date is set, or once it is, I know I shall wish to jump up right then and there and dance a happy dance of joy, smiling all the while.)

I want to apologize for providing updates at every step in this process (but I won't apologize). In a mildly sad turn, this is probably one of the more (non-medical emergency) exciting things to happen to me (with me?) in the past year. The runner up would probably be my cousin's wedding in Texas (post eventually forthcoming, damnit) but this thing is friggin' interesting, exciting even! I only hope that you, fearless reader, are on the edge of your seat as I take you through this roller coaster-esque ride of what will surely be an adventure, if not a grand adventure.

I swear, sometimes in writing these posts, with so much wordiness and description, I feel like Tycho of PennyArcade fame. That being said, I think Tycho writes well, just lengthy and descriptive at times.