Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last Night's NCIS

Last night's used-to-be-obligatory Halloween episode of NCIS was okay - nothing terribly great or bad. What's worth mentioning, however, is Abby's Halloween costume.

She was dressed up as a near-perfect Marilyn Monroe. (YouTube link while it lasts.) T'was a sight to behold. In the episode, even Tony and McGee were dumbstruck.

For the uninitiated, the reason the costume is so interesting (besides the Marilyn Monroe angle) is that Abby is a black-haired, good-hearted, died-in-the-wool goth. She has tatoos (including a cross on her middle-to-lower back and a spider web design on her neck) and, since she's a goth, you'd expect that on Halloween she would dress as some creepy, goth-based thing. Maybe a scary creature, maybe her favorite critter from her favorite movie, just something dark and outlandish. The Marilyn Monroe outfit was fantastic on her though. Oddly enough, it fit her to a "t" and served as an excellent contrast. Plus she's a knockout.

Excellent costume. Check it out.