Friday, November 03, 2006

Army vs. Air Force & More

Tonight I'm going to a football game. A coworker "organized" an outing of some of us to go to an/the Army vs. Air Force football game tonight over at West Point. (I say "organized" because all he did was ask if we want to go and purchase tickets for us. Anything else is left up to us.) A few of use are going, as in 4 of us plus one or two S.O.'s et al. (i.e. Significant Others and assorted family members, including one or more kids). I'm car pooling with a coworker friend (well, we're all friends, really), my car with him as passenger. Should be a good time. I s'pose I'm looking forward to it. I'm almost ready – just need to finalize directions with another coworker and get that coworker's cell phone no. I've already charged my cell phone and iPod.

I've been to an Army football game at least once or twice before. As a Boy Scout, at least once (1991 or 1992, I think) we went to the invitational at West Point. As part of the gathering, and as is standard faire for the annual Boy Scout event, we went to the Army vs. Navy football game. That was a lot of fun. I believe the older scouts of my troop were attempting to be mildly troublesome by rooting for Navy to beat Army. ("Go Navy, beat Army!") I don't remember who won.

Also today, I get a phone call from Capt. Kate with a.f.girl's cell phone number. (!!!) After I wrote the previous post yesterday, I became more excited than terrified. It probably went up to 3:2 (i.e. 60%) or maybe even 3:1 (i.e. 75%). (Yes, I am/can be a math geek at times.) I think I'm getting a little antsy about this, but in a good way. More excited/anticipatory. I'm also trying very hard not to dwell on it. And I'm also not going to pump Mrs. Capt. Kate for additional information about said a.f.girl as it would only serve to stoke the fires of imagination, conjecture and unwarranted assumptive conclusions. (Though C.K. has already divulged that a.f.girl is a redhead.) Other than that and the hobby and her current dwelling and her current employment, I know nothing. Nothing!!! (And I shall endeavor to keep it that way until I meet a.f.girl.)

I'm still obsessing just a little bit, aren't I? Drat.

Must go. Break time over. Much to do.

ADDENDUM: The Borat movie comes out today!!! Yay!!! I am definitely going to see this one. Don't know when yet, but I will. More on that another time most likely. [10:02 AM]