Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today's Assortment

Those daily comics and daily links to the left aren't just there for fun, y'know. I actually click through those sites on a (week-)daily basis. And sometimes I find some things to share:

An Evil Inc. post giving a nice 2007 comic convention schedule. I should really try to hit one of these, maybe the NYC Comic Con in late Febru--nevermind. I'm planning on the CT bar which is Feb. 28-March 1 or so.


Not for the quotes page but:

"Almost only counts in Craig's List and hand grenades." – dieselsweeties (11/02/06)

And the DS news post for today:
If you couldn't tell from today's comic, I've been thinking about the jerks who post fake personal ads just to mess with people. I can't say I approve of folks doing that.

I mean, if you can't trust the internet, who can you trust?


Sohmer over at Least I Could Do:
I’ve decided. is as close to the devil as a website will ever be.

Despite the fact that most of what you’re reading there is written by someone with a 2nd grade education at best; despite that there’s as much written there about Paris Hilton as there is about The Irish Potato Famine and despite that nearly any article about religion gets locked due to name calling…the site is bloody addictive.

To me, it’s the Wal-Mart of websites.

I can head there to do some research on a simple topic, and end up spending anywhere from 2-6 hours reading various topics that have no real connection. As an example, I loaded up the site to read about certain prophecies from the bible (For an upcoming project) and somehow found myself later that evening, in the same Wiki session, learning about Nimitz-class Aircraft Carriers.

I don’t know how it happened, I honestly don’t, but there it is.


Lowering the Bar has Lawyer's Bin Laden Halloween Costume Not Popular:
There are several ways to go with this one:
  1. People apparently being worried that Osama bin Laden might have invaded Maine for a planned operation to blow up I-295, thus cutting Ligonia off from Oakdale and bringing first Maine, then America, to their respective metaphorical knees;

  2. Police rushing to the scene, with guns drawn, based on a report of a man in "Middle Eastern garb" and a bin Laden mask, on Halloween;

  3. A lawyer dressed as a terrorist carrying a gun who only "eventually" complies with police orders to drop it;

  4. A lawyer dressed as a terrorist carrying a gun, and dynamite, and waving the gun at traffic, who "didn't expect to be arrested"; or how about

  5. the fact that Connolly was the Democratic candidate for governor in 1998?
It's too hard to choose between the above, so I'll leave it to you. There's also the further fact that Connolly, after not becoming governor in 1998, had time in 2000 to get involved in electoral politics, which he did just before the election by releasing information about George W. Bush's 1976 drunk-driving conviction. Apparently, Connolly believed that if a guy can't operate a car safely, or run a baseball team or an oil company, he shouldn't be put in charge of a nuclear superpower. Of course, now we all know how ridiculous that kind of argument really was.


I'll also be adding two quotes to the Good Overheards category.

Peace & Cheers!