Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memorable Overheards

Memorable quotations from Overheard in the Office or Overheard in New York.

Could Have Happened to any of Us

Office girl #1: What's wrong?
Office girl #2, choking: I was miming committing suicide by glue stick and I accidentally inhaled.
One that Can Be Cured by Exorcise

Sorority girl, in Spanish class: 'Diabolico,' that means he's diabetic right?
Classmate: No, it means diabolic.
Sorority girl: So diabolic, is that like a medical condition?
Office 3:
Wait, No! That's What The Frogs Want!

Pilot: Tower, there's a piece of Foreign Object Debris on the taxiway in front of the tower.
Tower: Roger, we'll send a truck right out to pick it up.
Pilot: Tower, disregard the FOD. It just hopped off the taxiway.
Tower: Disregarding.