Thursday, October 26, 2006

Biting the Bullet

I think I'm going to finally try it tonight or tomorrow. Online dating. *shudder* *cringe* Okay, the shudder&cringe is more for dating in general since my "experience" in this illustrious enterprise is relatively weak. I've been on dates before but, well, certainly not recently, certainly not while living at home and certainly with no real strong impetus.

Except nowadays I'm feeling this.. push, like I should start looking for a gorgeous female to date et al. I'm also kind of tired of going stag to weddings and of leading a solitary life.

So I shall venture forth and see what I shall see. Of course every word I type here is another minute I avoid surfing over to the free dating site of choice and choosing a viable female victim upon whom I shall inflict the pleasure of my company.

I should have worked for Hallmark.

Hi, this is a spleen. And, oh, here's a Hallmark card for your birthday. Cheers!

Yes, that last line made little-to-no sense, even to me. Yeah, I'm a little anxious here. So many reasons to be a coward and wimp out. One reason not to.

So I shall venture forth where I have not dared. I don't know how much I'll write here. Mayhaps I shall disclose all. Mayhaps I shall disclose little. If the past is any indicator, you shall be hearing the sordid details of my fantastic triumphs/failures in due course.

But for now, I am off. Woman, you have been warned. I go forth to victory or defeat, head held high, with hope and faith as my guides.

ADDENDUM: Message-1a is away! I sent it to a Yale biochem grad student who, based on her profile, shares some of the same interests. I wonder what will happen... Let's call this girl1 (in the naive presumption that there will not be a girl2, girl3 or girl 4). Further updates as events warrant. [10:34 PM]