Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th!

For a little irrelevant context - on the morning radio show I listen to (Z-100 Morning Zoo), Greg T The Round-Headed Frat Boy was breaking one mirror and hour (for 4 hours) in celebration. I listened to breakage no. 3. Thus far, no ill will had befallen them... except Danielle throwing up and Greg T getting hit, in the eye I believe, by a small piece of flying glass. Yep, nothing at all.

And I saw this over at Daily Kos:

"Let's pretend this [electric] plug is 'Iraq' and you're trying to connect it to the 'War on Terror,' which is this avocado. You can do it, but here's the problem: the avocado still doesn't turn on. And now your plug is covered in guacamole."
---Jon Stewart

Mmmm.. guacamole...