Thursday, October 26, 2006


It's a post explosion! Two in one day!!! What ever shall become of me?

Just ordered two t-shirts from diesel sweeties. I wanted to snag a Space Demon From Beyond Pluto Shirt before they were taken off tomorrow. Plus the comic roxors my soxors and is well worth "donating" some money to (where "donating" means giving them my money in exchange for material goodness a la t-shirts).

Minorly interesting, the info page on DS states that non-commercial republication of single DS strips is generally okay. While I might otherwise be one to occasionally abuse generosity (only occasionally), on this occasion I shall honor said allowance.. but I want to highlight a DS strip that made me smile.

It's this DS strip:

See the first panel? He's an android and he's sleeping and dreaming and... *sigh* Let's just say it's a geek thing. A Sci-Fi book-reading geek thing. A Sci-Fi book-reading geek thing that had me smiling and ordering a t-shirt of the balloon in the first panel. Because sometimes I really do wonder: Do androids dream of electric sheep? (I like to think that Philip K. Dick has somehow seen this and smiled.)