Friday, October 27, 2006

A Song in My Heart

I've been listening to all of the songs on my iPod using the shuffle option. Basically I'm listening to all of the songs, one at a time, in random order. I have 1658 songs on my iPod right now so it might take me a while to finish them all (if I ever do, which is doubtful).

I just hit a favorite song from a 2-CD set called Cruisin': The Best of Drivetime. This is a UK-only CD set (apparently).

Track 13 on Disc 2 is "Dance the Night Away" by The Mavericks:
Here comes my happiness again
Right back to where it should have been
'Cause now she's gone and I am free
And she can't do a thing to me

I just wanna dance the night away
With senoritas who can sway
Right now tomorrow's lookin' bright
Just like the sunny mornin' light

And if you should see her
Please let her know that I'm well
As you can tell
And if she should tell you
That she wants me back
Tell her no
I gotta go
Those are the lyrics, with the last two stanzas being repeated somewhat. (See this page for the entire song.)

I don't know what it is about the song - it gets my toes a tappin', has me unconsciously attempting to sing along (out loud) and just generally enjoying the sunny side of life. I love it. I've purposefully listened to this song easily 4+ times in a row in the car before (with the CD, long ago). And the entire 2-CD set has great songs. (A recommended purchase, easy.) But man, this song just does it for me.

It's incredibly nice and great when a favorite song pops up on my iPod during shuffle. Just about makes my day.