Saturday, November 04, 2006

Contact! (Sort Of) & The Game

Air Force was absolutely decimating Army last night. They lead 43-0 at the half. We left after the third quarter, as did many others. T'was a fun enough time. A little cold and terribly reminiscent of my high school marching band days. I'm not a huge football fan nor a huge Air Force/Army fan per se. I was pretty much there because my coworkers were. Not bad, got to meet one coworker's S.O. and one coworker's rugrats (sorta, I mean for the "meeting" part).

As for a.f.girl, I tried reaching her last night to no avail. I also tried just now and did reach her. (Eep!) She gets off work at 5 today and will call me back around then. And so it begins!