Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Mildly Interesting Yesterday

Premise: Yesterday was mildly interesting. (Yes, I know the title gives it away!)

The IP meeting last night was okay. Good food. Got to see 3 former coworkers and 1 former co-law student. The presentation was okay. The speaker was Japanese and, while his English was pretty good, brevity was not his strong point. He took 45 min. to say what could otherwise have been said in 10-15 min. Still, learned a little bit and had a generally good time. Chances are I'll go to the next one of these in January.

The more interesting story of the day is that I spoke with movie.girl (I'm renaming any girls I am or was at least slightly interested in as [descriptive].girl). If you've been reading this blog for a long time, you may recall various nonhappening misadventures with movie.girl (f.k.a. The Girl or "O" or "Ophelia", as in Oct. 2004).

Nonsequitor: In rereading the posts from Oct. 2004, I saw that I then obtained my grandfather's '98 Buick Park Ave. with only 24,500 miles on it. The odometer is currently around 250 miles shy of hitting 40k miles. That's 15.5k miles in a little over two years. Whoah.

Apologies for the interruption. I briefly scanned the Oct. 2004 postings and made the aforementioned observation.

IN ANY CASE, I sent an e-mail to movie.girl (I'm trying to meet up with almost-lost friends) and she called me back. We spoke for an hour and will hang out this Saturday, possibly with her fiancé.

Did you catch that? Fiancé!

You may recall, or not, that movie.girl has been engaged before (twice I think, and both to the same guy), with one of those times (the first) entailing the purchase of a wedding dress. These prior "engagements" (Haha! Pun! ...Well, almost, kind of, sort of, at least.) were one of two reasons I decided not to pursue said movie.girl when I eventually (thought that I) had the chance. Basically, it seemed to me that she was occasionally hypocritical in various not-so-minor ways and that she committed too soon or without full appreciation for her commitment or some such. I wouldn't call her "flighty" but rather that she occasionally exhibited symptoms of such an adjective? Something like that. (And I'm not going to give reason no. 2.)

So she's now engaged.. to her now-boyfriend of 9 months, wedding scheduled for Spring next year, possibly in Mexico.


On the one hand, I'm happy for her. On another hand, I'm hoping for a wedding invite. On still another hand, it reinforces that it was a good thing I did not get involved with her (romantically). And on still another hand, it'll be nice to see her again and hang out.

That was always the tough part. We "get" each other for the most part. We're on the same wavelength and understand each other fairly well. A little eery to be honest, but it makes for good conversation and fun times.

So a rather interesting bit. Should be a good Saturday. And in the meantime, I hear the siren lure of patent work unfinished. Cheers!