Monday, November 13, 2006

The Midday

Nothing much today. Work, work, work. I'll likely crank out the previously-mentioned blog posts at nights. They would take too much time to do as midday breaks.

One passing mention. I found this Websnark post about Least I Could Do. I've really come to enjoy my daily comics and LICD has turned out to be an excellent addition to them. The Websnark post briefly discusses the kind of humor you'll find in LICD and why you may or may not enjoy the webcomic. Worth a quick read, and check out LICD if you like.

I'm changing the subtitle today. Already added a few memorable comics and one random quote.

I've been reading more at home of late. Some graphic novels I'd bought (Pathfinder, D.C.'s Identity Crisis, Spiderman: The Other, some Peter David one whose title I can't remember) and my current book (Neil Gaiman's 'Anansi Boys'). (Yes, I know I should underline book titles but I don't feel like doing that right now.) Excellent book from an excellent author, though I would recommend his 'American Gods' before this one. I think AG is his best novel, at least thus far.

This may end up being a relatively busy week for me. Going to a CT IP (intellectual property) group meeting/gathering on Wed. night. Probably going to see a movie (possibly 'Borat') on Friday with a coworker, his wife and two other friends of his. Hopefully I can get blind date no. 2 going before Thanksgiving. I hate having things "hanging" over me. I'd much rather see them occur so I can figure things out a bit and know or not know. It's the indeterminacy that bothers me so. That's probably what makes me a little O.C. as I was/am/can be – indeterminacy.

Tonight is Heroes and Studio 60. Tomorrow is NCIS and Boston Legal. I may give up on Nip/Tuck for now. Haven't seen it in a while and I feel no overriding compulsion to do so.

That's it. Stay safe, be well & don't let the chimpanzees get you down. Word.