Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Few More...

...random things for random times.

James Bond Title Sequences -- The best parts of the movies, no? Well, that's what some have argued. Personally, I may have to go with the names of the Bond girls. (You know what I'm talking about.)

Via BoingBoing: Are RIAA lawsuit damages Constitutional? (Which links to this Texas Law Review paper.)

Via Slashdot: Firefox 2.0 Password Manager Bug Exposes Passwords -- Which could be problematic if you happen to use Firefox 2.0. I don't think I upgraded yet (thankfully).

I want to link this THL post/story because it is absolutely hilarious. Go read it. (It's quick, I promise!)

I did scan a few other reactions to this week's Heroes episode. Apparently I may be in the minority with my negative reaction. So be it. Maybe I just have higher standards when it comes to superhero or comic book products? Or maybe I just missed the boat on this one? Maybe I'll think about it more another time.

I should add WWdN: In Exile to the revised blogroll. Though I've stopped regularly reading it, every now and then it's fun to see what Wil Wheaton, the consummate geek, is up to. Wil rawks.

Incidentally, if I ever try this one out... Actually, sad as it may be, it's definitely not beyond the realm of the possible. Thus I shall shut my trap. On second thought, scratch that. There is one female listed for all of CT (I think). I'll likely skip this site.

Wil also has a post titled Geek in Review: Han Shoots First (updated) wherein he "ponders why Star Wars is so important to a certain generation of geeks, and why we took it so personally that the new movies sucked so hard." Coolness in digital form.

Mental note: Look into this author/book.

Shelby County (TN) Voting Troubles. Scary.

Holy crap. Two senators saving the country $17 billion??!?!? Whoah.

Btw, found some of the above as links from Instapundit.

Electronic Ephemera -- This site (and guy) is awesome.

Just one last note. I've decided to bombard you with a barrage of posts. Deal.