Tuesday, November 28, 2006

La la la... I can't hear you!

Tonight I see The Who!!! Who do you say? No, The Who! Hahahaha! That never gets old. Anyways, I'm now listening to their 20th Century Masters Collection and learning about them over at Wikipedia. Figure I should know a little about who I see (and hear). No, The Who. (See? Never old!) Kind of hard to believe these guys have been at it for over 40 years now.

[Break for more Wikipedia reading]

Good lord. Sounds like this concert could be awesome. I will definitely report back on it tomorrow.

Get a portrait of yourself as a zombie.

The Copyright Office created 6 more DMCA exceptions. Nothing particularly exciting (in my opinion).

Something on Sticker Graphics.

Sudden Gravity, a horror comic, looks and sounds pretty good, as does Hi-Fructose, an art magazine.

Wired has a cool PennyArcade piece with advice on the (current) console wars.

There's a fun Secret Satan thing going on over at dieselsweeties.com by rstevens (and Clango). I definitely need to enter with a good DS post. I love DS and I love my electric sheep & space demon from Pluto shirts. I will put some good ones up for this. I swear it.

That's it for today. More another time. Probably.