Thursday, August 12, 2004

What's the matter? Cat got your airplane?

I have 3 things to post before the cat. I don't feel like putting them under separate posts/headers (so deal).

First, congratulations to Ken Lammers of CrimLaw fame for being the blog's first (and hopefully not last) commentor!!! As noted earlier, this is a dubious honor though certainly meritorious and legendary in its own right. (You're prize, should you wish to claim it and/or utilize it, consists of bragging rights. Cheers!)

Second, I'm rather surprised to find other blogs linking to this one. (I thought they'd have more sense than that. Guess I was wrong.) Mostly I'm surprised 'cause this thing is two weeks old (as of today) and still (in my mind at least) in the formative stages (e.g. this paragraph and the preceding one). A hearty thank you goes out to the blogs who have decided, in their ineffable wisdom, to put up a link to this one. May your wine flow freely unless you don't drink or the wine tastes bad! (Incidentally, the best (worst?) curse--versus blessing--I ever heard is from Terry Pratchett in his Discworld book Interesting Times: "May you live in interesting times!" Be careful invoking that one!)

Third, I want to quickly point out three recent additions to the "Non-Law Links" category to the left: Soupie's BBQ & Daycare, The Slithery D, and Ace of Spades HQ.

The Story: Courtesy of a post at The Slithery D, here's a BBC News article reporting on an unleashed feline that forced a Belgian airplane to head back to Brussels 20 minutes into the trip. Quotations from the article:
"It's a very nice animal but apparently, sometimes, an aggressive one," said Mr Sciot [the airline's Communications Vice President], noting that the cat had "travelled a lot" as its owner went to cat exhibitions.

One possible reason for the creature's sudden fit of fury may have been an unconfirmed report that it was "kicked by somebody in business class" on its way through the cabin, he added.