Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Circuit That Is The Ninth

A link to a post over at CrimLaw on how the Fourth Circuit views the Ninth. From my limited experience here in the Second, it appears as if, as in the CrimLaw post, the Ninth Circuit is not very persuasive. Granted, we're on opposite coasts so we can claim some geographical distance issues where the Fourth may not. Besides, the Ninth includes California and Hollywood and all that whereas we have NYC and.. Hartford.. and more NYC. Delaware too I think. Anyways, no real point to my comments, I just want to link it up for y'all.

ADDENDUM: As noted in the comments to this post, the Fourth Circuit consists of VA, WV, SC, NC and MD and, hence, is not geographically closer. In addition, the Second Circuit is NY, CT and VT, not DE. Apologies all around. Kudos to Ken Lammers of CrimLaw for the corrections.