Saturday, August 28, 2004

Of This, That, The Other and Something Else

In this sure-to-be-long post I'm going to meander through quite a few things. Bear with me or don't, at your leisure (pronounced leh'-zhoor).

First off, I need to add more links to my links column. I am sorely missing some sites that should be there (e.g. Sugar Mr. Poon and Interstate Love Songs) and need to reorder some of the ones that are. Apologies to Monsieur Poon for the delayed linkage etc.

Second, I'll be adding master (aggregate) lists for the Top Ten Lists and Movie Reviews.

The Student Activities Fair yesterday. Okay, I don't know why the school has this thing other than it should. I mean, no 1L is going to absolutely know before the semester even begins, the activities and/or organizations, if any, in which he or she would like to participate. In addition, every group, and I mean EVERY, sends out announcements to the whole school. So it's not as if this fair is crucial in any sense of the word. At least the first activity will be announced to the student body at large. Hence, the lists of names collected at this fair are largely irrelevant. Entirely. Anyways, I just had to get that off my chest.

I suppose one good thing is that we get to see some of the incoming 1Ls and some of them get to see some of us. Meh.

One 1L I did see is a guy who was a fellow high school classmate of mine. I'm not going to mention his name (as is my standing policy) but I will say that he and I were pretty good friends long, long, LONG ago, back when we were in elementary school. I haven't seen him for a long time. Kinda cool, I guess, to see a new familiar face.

An interesting observation that makes sense but still surprises me. Quite a few people from my high school have come to UConn Law. It makes sense in that it's in the same state, CT, so we get in-state tuition. Plus UConn is a fairly decent law school in the Northeast. Still, there are at least.. 5 other THS students I know of, besides myself (including 1 who just graduated). Just surprising to me is all.

Non sequitor, a phrase from next week's Nip/Tuck: "porn star Barbie." This should be good. Looks like Dr. Troy winds up with a blind woman played by Rebecca Gayheart of Scream 2, Urban Legend and Jawbreaker fame. Meanwhile, Dr. MacNamara is continuing his escapades with Dr. Troy's way-former girlfriend and now-porn star, Kimber. Dr. MacNamara's estranged wife, Julia, meets with the life coach, played by the enigmatic Famke Janssen.

Let's see, some links I want to remember: Yahoo! Movies - Greg's Previews;; Movie-Source; The Music 50 Website; Everything is wrong with me.

Btw, there are tons of movies to be on the look out for. So many that I'm going to mention a few and not link them. If you're curious for more, check out the immediately preceding movie links. Upcoming ones include Sideways, Batman Begins, X-Men 3, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Constantine, Preacher, Sin City, Daredevil 2, Resident Evil 2, Blade 3, Team America: World Police and many, MANY more.

Yesterday night, before the party, I (successfully) made some chocolate chip shortbread. Came out well. Very easy to make as compared with the cake I made this Spring. I like to bake.

My current book: I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. This guy pioneered much of the horror genre. E.g. He was the original author of the tale about the creature on the airplane wing. (The Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 feet" starring William Shatner.) This guy is an amazing author. Truly amazing. I highly recommend him to anyone who likes Stephen King, Clive Barker or pretty much any horror novelist.

I think that's everything for today or for now. Cheers!

ADDENDUM: Two more sites: Waiting for the Punchline and Life, Law, Libido. [8:55 PM]

ADDENDUM II: And some more: quantum meruit; The Pedantic Pundit; Emily!; ~live through this~; Movie Talk at Rogue Slayer Law Student Movie Fan.

The links column will soon be sentient. I'll have a birthday present on hand for when that occurs. Gotta run, Vamp movie on the Sci Fi Channel just starting. I love vampire movies and novels, hehe. [9:06 PM]

ADDENDUM III: And Legislating Gremlins (fka Not for Sheep in case that's not apparent from the URL). Btw, the vamp movie was John Carpenter's Vampires: Los Muertos starring Mr. Jon Bon Jovi. Not an excellent movie but good enough for me to enjoy. Yay vampire movies! [12:40 AM, 8/28/04]

ADDENDUM IV: And Biting Tongue. [1:48 PM, 8/28/04]