Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Top Ten Things I Didn't Do This Summer

The weekly Wednesday reign of terror continues!

10. Go on a real, vacation-like trip. Y'know, to Timbuktu or Albuquerque.

9. Decrease my internet usage. (More like I tripled it.)

8. Finish my SRP (Special Research Project) paper. (Yet.)

7. Watch Titanic or The Blair Witch Project. (Okay, I never intended to see either of those but since I didn't, they meet the criteria for this list.)

6. Save the whales.

5. Save the cows. (Moo!)

4. Go to Boston for the ATLA (Assoc. of Trial Lawyers of America) Annual Convention.

3. Learn to speak Swahili. (See Titanic comment above.)

2. Much that was actually productive in any real sense of the word.

1. Read for a law school class.