Monday, August 30, 2004

The Catfight Is On!!!

Over at Soupie's THE CATFIGHT IS ON!!! For those not in the know, Soupie runs a feature entitled Just Because. (On a side note, Energy Spatula at will work for favorable dicta bought the JB franchise.) Starting tonight, the voting begins on the first four battle royales. Folks, this is gonna be a tight one with Elisha Cuthbert going head to head with no. 1 seeded Monica Bellucci. Go on over and vote! Don't forget, you only have 24 hours from when each is posted and all votes must be non-anonymous! (E.g. Leave your e-mail or web address.)

On an unrelated note, I'm planning on a "Deconstructing Kill Bill Vol. 1" post some time soon. I'd do it tonight but then I wouldn't do any of my reading for tomorrow's two classes. So you'll have to wait.