Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Clarifying My Position -- I Love (IP) Law. Do you?

Despite the fact that no one (else) has brought this up or inquired, I would like to clarify (or, more accurately, state) my position with regards to lawyers and the law.

Alright, so I'm not a lawyer yet. But I worked for some (albeit as a receptionist/"Legal Aide") for a year before coming to law school and I've been working in this firm (albeit as a Legal intern) for approximately 14 months now and, having also survived 2 years of law school with a 3rd looming large, I have formulated an opinion.

I honestly enjoy working with the law. Specifically, intellectual property (IP) just floats my boat. Research tasks that, in other fields of law, I might find onerous or insane are actually fun for me since they involve IP. Seriously, this is a category of work that, thus far in my "career," I enjoy.

No doubt you will hear and read about lawyers unhappy with their lot and disgusted with their job but I'm not even close to that point. In fact, I doubt I'll reach that level of contempt if I keep working with IP. As it is, I also enjoy litigation based on the minute amount of experience I've had with it. Being in a court room is fun. My definition of "evidence" is screwing over the other guy before he can do it back at you. That's fun!!!!!

So if my previous post about lawgeekgurl's comments and the 5 Hour site seems a bit negative or a little too persuasive, don't be fooled. Some lawyers enjoy their job.

Btw, I plan on being one of those "good" lawyers, in case you had any doubts on that. At least that's what I tell people after having told them I'm going to be a lawyer and after they have consequently sighed, sneered, frowned, coughed, spat at me, threatened me or attacked me. It doesn't always work but that's why g-d invented Nike sneakers. (Note that I wear New Balance sneakers, not Nike. And that is not intended so as to cast any dispersions on Nike or to endorse New Balance sneakers in any way, shape or form. Really.)