Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Return of the Living Dead Lawyers!!!

A comment here led me to a brief article here announcing the casting for a new Sci Fi series, Dead Lawyers:
SCI FI Channel has signed Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham and Sean Patrick Flanery to star in Dead Lawyers, an hour-long pilot for a supernatural drama series. Flanery (The Dead Zone) stars as lawyer Jimmy Quinn, who awakens after he dies to discover that he must undo injustices he committed during his life before he can reach the afterlife. Abraham (Amadeus) co-stars as Thomas Whitelaw, Jimmy's afterlife mentor.
I'm a big fan of sci fi but I mean c'mon!!! This series gets +1 for incorporating lawyers into its fold, +10 for potentially being an interesting series AND -50 for painting lawyers in a bad light. So, apparently all lawyers are scum and should repent since after we [ignoring the fact that I am not but will be a lawyer] die we'll have to undo the "injustices" we committed as lawyers. Wow, gee thanks for the update. While we're at it, why don't you just come out and say ALL LAWYERS ARE SOULLESS CRETINS AND DESERVE TO BE SLOWLY ROASTED ON A SPIT IN THE FIREY DEPTHS OF HELL.

Yeah, as if our profession doesn't have enough public image problems as it is that we need them reinforced by shows like this. Just wonderful. (Anyone up for a letter writing campaign, a protest or a lawsuit?)