Monday, August 02, 2004

This Week Sure Isn't "The Ides of March"

Postings will be legally-light (kind of like Philadelphia Lite cream cheese only good-tasting) for the next few days. I'm working on my SRP (a.k.a. Special Research Project) for law school. It's woefully behind and I hope to catch up in the next day or two. The paper is on intellectual property issues in virtual worlds. Other than the previous sentence, there's not much more detail I can provide given its current state (which may be described as a combination of the states of confusion, distress, shock and brilliance -- I couldn't think of an applicable positive "state of _____" so I made up that last one). If you're interested in virtual worlds, I highly recommend checking out Terra Nova for some amazing intellectual discourse on the subject. If you're looking for ways to kill time, take a look at one or more of the following:,, Atom Films, Project Gutenberg, The Smoking Gun or Odd News.