Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Post That Is Neither a Vegetable Nor a French Fry

In keeping with today's title scheme, I present you with the latest post (July 29) by Justice William W. Bedsworth over at his column A Criminal Waste of Space entitled "The Politics of Vegetables." The mildly lengthy yet inordinately amusing post by Justice Bedsworth boils down to this:
In the opinion of the Department of Agriculture of the United States of Astounding -- after years of study and application of the expertise of the very best scientists, agronomists, linguists and grammarians our government could find -- frozen French fries are fresh vegetables.
I would do his original post ill service to expound further other than to quote his response to the "reasoning" behind this insanity:
Well now, how can you argue with that? How can you possibly respond to such irrefutable logic?

Other, that is, than just screaming at the top of your lungs, "They're coating French fries in batter!!?? How could I not know about this? This is nature's perfect food! Lemme at 'em!"
Reminds me of the onion straws at Joe's American Bar & Grill. Culinary perfection in a basket! (Nevermind the heart attack factor.)