Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Throbbing Is In My Head

Number Two Way to Drive Me Out of My Apartment: Have the West End Civic Center (located next door) throw a party in the next door parking lot. In celebration, have them play really loud R&B music with lots and LOTS of bass.

I need to leave before the throbbing becomes a deep-rooted headache. I'm only ~10 min. from that point. Thank you WECC. (And this is why the posts on the movie and the fair will be delayed a bit more. Aaarggh. Well, time for another movie - probably Suspect Zero.)

ADDENDUM: Btw, the plus side is that it drove me to get off my ass, take a shower and stop watching Saturday morning television (which only pales in horridness to Sunday morning television). [12:09 PM]

ADDENDUM II: I forgot to mention, the Number One Way to Drive Me Out of My Apartment is to shut off the electricity during the daytime. When thus forced to choose between reading and leaving the apt., I will opt for the latter. [4:47 PM]

ADDENDUM III: The loud civic party had long dispersed by the time of my 4:30 return. In the interim, Suspect Zero and a hickory burger (is there any other?) at the Wood -n- Tap had occupied my attention. (Not to mention a brief stop at Dunkin Donuts to pass 30 min. while continuing to read I Am Legend by Richard Matheson.) [4:50 PM]