Thursday, August 12, 2004

Haiku Mania!

Linking from somewhere I found a site/blog called f/k/a . . . . which abounds with haikus and has some connections with the law. The site provides dagosan's Haiku Primer, a document explaining the haiku's format (or lack of reliance thereon) and suggestions for rules. While that itself doesn't do much for me, the site inspired me to write some legal haikus, y'know, for a lark (or a cardinal or a sparrow). Below are three attempts. I may (or may not) try this again in the future, possibly making them more amusing.

Note that I have opted to ignore dagosan's Haiku Primer's format and have gone with the "traditional" (traditional that is to my previously uninformed self) 5-7-5, free-form, no-other-constraints form. If you don't like it, write one in your form and let me know.

Coffee is needed.
Running to get there on time.
Will it ever end?

Judge looks down at him.
That was inadmissible.
Objection sustained.

We will rob them blind.
Can it be done legally?
If you're a lawyer.