Monday, August 23, 2004

Today's Roundup

I ran into 5 mildly interesting things. Before I go into them, I'd like to let you (what readers there are) that at some point soon I'll try to incorporate more humorous items into the blog. For some reason, those few comments I've received thus far have been on mildly amusing points or serious ones. Okay, that made no sense. Pffft. I've rarely let logic slow me down, I see no reason to start right now. That also makes little sense. ::Sigh:: Can you tell it's a Monday morning?

Btw, I may or may not post again later. I'm going to the eye doctor (I think he's a retina specialist -- no ordinary ophthalmologist for me since my bout of optic neuritis 1.5 years ago) this afternoon so there's a good chance I'l be blind or, at the very least, unable to see clearly for much of the rest of the day (after the appointment). These things are always such fun. As much as the field vision tests. Y'know, the ones where I feel like I have ADD.

News Bites (Rabies Sold Separately)

Apparently there are new overtime pay rules in effect. The CNN article mentions that some lawyers are upset since they'll lose work. It also mentions that it's going to take some litigation before these rules are sorted out, not unlike Blakely. So, in essence, as it relates to lawyers, some will lose work while others will gain work. Good to know.

In other not-quite-news, here's an Astronomy Picture of the Day (courtesy of NASA) showing what the Earth looks like at night. The picture is a composite of satellite photos. Very cool. I'm the pinprick of light in the middle of Connecticut.

Here's a User Guide to Using Linux. Personally, I haven't played around with non-Windows OS' yet (e.g. Linux). When I get my next computer in a year or two, I'll start monkeying around on my old machine. Until then, I need it to work without complications or reserves. Not reserves of jam, reserves as in, oh nevermind.

Jeremy has 10 pieces of advice for the first week of law school. Good stuff. "What's this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy." (link)

Last but not least we have a Slashdot post on robotics news. The one that particularly interests me is: "A Californian counselor has just patented the ten ethical laws of robotics." I'll have to see if I can find that patent. Could be fun reading, could be a good patent. Who knows!

That's what I've got thus far for today! Don't forget to tune in to Lessig's Blog as Judge Posner begins his blogging stint. Cheers!

Addendum: A post on PHOSITA clued me in to this Scientific American article on that most famous of patent clerks, one Albert Einstein. As I was a physics phreak (forgive the leet-speak spelling), it's always interesting (for me) to learn more about Einstein and his legacy. As for you, my faithful readers, I recommend starting with F = ma and p = mv and if you remember what those two mean, you should be ashamed of yourself unless you were a physics major or minor. For shame!!! [11:32 AM]