Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Revamped Links Section Has Arrived

Until I see fit to change it again, and I probably won't see fit to do so for quite some time -- though I may add to it along the way, the "Links" column off to your left (assuming the reader maintains the standard orientation with the computer monitor and screen) has been revamped. That is to say not with crosses and holy water but with love and kindness and some typing.

The "Nice People" section is for those two nice people who have e-mailed me "Welcome" e-mails. One of them e-mailed me only a few days into the darned thing -- I still have little idea how he found it so fast. Nowadays, not that it's terribly far from that time, one can locate this thing by Google, Yahoo! or links from my comments over at Running With Lawyers (as noted in an earlier post).

Btw, I ordered the links in an only minorly-random way, generally putting those I especially enjoy or recommend most towards the top. If you dislike the ordering, tough. I'd insert an insult here but I'll direct you to this Random Insult Generator instead. If you don't like that one there's also a Shakespearean Insulter, a Renaissance Insult Generator and an Arabian Insult Generator that doesn't really have much to do with Arabians.

Anyways, if you have recommendations for sites I should check out, please e-mail me the site and a brief explanation (brief please) why the site is noteworthy. Also, if you have a website or blog of your own, likewise please e-mail me and I'll take a look. If you're nice, you may wind up in the "Nice People" section. And it almost goes without saying, I retain full editorial control as to whether or not I link to your suggested site or not, though bribes do help if you're looking for a plug. Or flattery. They were right, flattery will get you everywhere.