Friday, August 20, 2004

I Can See You[r] Pretty Colors

Well, the title is a combination of "I Can See You" and "Ooh! Pretty Colors!"

As you may have noticed, which I hope you would unless you're color blind, I've changed the coloring of the blog. I tried for a blue theme, not terribly unlike the old version of Jeremy's Weblog but.. different. Anyways, if you strongly dislike it or it hurts your eyes (it may cause blindness in household pets) leave me a comment. In all honesty, the previous "sand" thematic was giving me constipation.. or headaches.. or both.. but not at the same time 'cause that would just be cruel.

ALSO, I've registered with three site trackers: Extreme, Sitemeter and Blogpatrol (as linked in the linking column). "Why three?" you may ask. Well, truthfully, 'cause I felt like it. Untruthfully, so I can see you more clearly. MWAH-HAH-HAH!!!

The Blogpatrol counter I chose to display is rather gauche. (I was never a fan of counters with numbers displayed on the website.) But I'm leaving it there because the number it displays means nothing since it increments whenever I reload the page. It's there more as a humor device than anything else. So that someday, when I'm really bored and sitting around in my apartment with nothing to do, I can post that I sat for three hours refreshing the site so it could hit the 250,000 mark by dinnertime.

If you have any recommendations for anything, including a recipe for a really nice chocolate bunt cake (not that I'm terribly sure what separates a bunt cake from a non-bunt cake), please let me know! Otherwise -- Enjoy!

ADDENDUM: When I looked at the referrals to see how people got here, the results were very strange - lots of blogs that didn't have links to me. Then, after 15 min. of wondering and clicking, I remembered the new "misc. blogger blog-jump" button in the upper right. Clarity is refreshing. Give it a click if you're curious and/or feeling adventuresome. Cheers! [11:48 PM]