Thursday, August 05, 2004

Of Work & Me & Hartford & CT Drivers & BJ's Wholesale Club

But not necessarily in that order. A rather long post of 5 segments (not including the introduction). Sometimes I wonder if it might not be worth it to save some of the broader, far-reaching topics for separate posts. Y'know, save 'em for a rainy day. But nah. I don't think, no I *hope* I won't run out of things to say until I run out of air to breathe. (And hopefully that's a ways off.)

Of Me

Well, I'm trying out a new program. A new regiment. One of my biggest weaknesses, and one of my more palpable and unforgiving ones at that, is my penchant for television. I've always watched a lot of it, admittedly more than I should. So that's it. No more TV except for weekly shows (Nip/Tuck -- as linked to in earlier posts) or when I'm exercising. (Not exorcising.) So if I want to watch TV, I have to go to the gym (which is all of a half block away from my apartment). This was Day One. It's been a successful Day One. I've been more productive with my time, I exercised and I feel good. Let's hope I make it through Week One.

Of Work

By necessity, and not owing to my modesty or non-anonymity, I will not always be able to post everything I want to on the blog. For example, I will not post things produced for my employer. (Who I notice I have yet to name. Guess I'll leave that one alone for now. Maybe I'll receive an offer by the end of the summer, we'll see.) That is, nothing I am not given express permission to use elsewhere. Work product rules seem to apply in such cases, hence the permission requirement. Similarly, client matters won't be discussed in any detail. I may hint at some generalities or general issues that arise but I will not name names or give specifics.

To that end, I will not post a rather lengthy take on the controversy. I think I have a somewhat unique take on the matter but I'm also going to put that down in an article for my employer. So, depending on how that goes, you may see a post on it in the (near) future.

And one minor note. I've been with my current employer for approximately 13 months now. I worked part time during the year and the previous summer and full time this summer. I like it there. Very nice people, very good at their jobs. Heck, I have my own office (with a window!!!), my own computer and my own phone extension. They treat us legal interns (of which I am currently one of three) like real lawyers. It was strange at first. Now it's rather nice. Anyways, when I don't have a project to do, I spend my time working on articles for the firm newsletter. Hence the above comments on article-writing. Maybe I'll do a post on that sometime, how I go about it and all. Huh. Not a bad idea. That one I'll save for a rainy (or murky) day.

By the way (or btw in chat-speak), if you're curious about my firm (i.e. want to know which one I work for), send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to tell you. I just don't feel like posting it yet.

Of BJ's Wholesale Club

My mom has a membership at BJ's. (And yes, the name had me chuckling every time it was said for quite a while. That was years ago. I'm over it by now. Really. So no laughing. At all.) I have the other card on the account. I was there today procuring cases of Snapple and DVD's and Tylenol and an Utz Party Mix container. Dinner consisted of a supreme personal pan pizza courteously provided, subsequent to an exchange of currency, by Pizza Hut. (And I'm too tired at this point to link to all of the products I've cited. That may be corrected in the future so read on now.) As I was consuming the delicious circular pie, I noted an employee with a spray bottle and a roll of paper towels, prepared to do battle with the dirty tables et al. She thoroughly sprayed the ice cream machine, being sure to aim in such a way as to mist the nozzles by which the confection is provided. She thoroughly sprayed the counter of the small table upon which the straws, drink lids and condiment packets resided. She sprayed so as to gently mist the lids. Y'know, in case anyone wanted to use one. You want it to be clean, right? She did all of that before misting the trash can. The filthy trash can spring-loaded lid which looked like it was ready to sprout legs and walk away. After viewing the cleaning process in progress, I ate faster and then ran out of there (feet don't fail me now) with my spoils, vowing never to buy a soda at BJ's again.

Of Hartford

I hate this city. More and more I grow to loathe it even more. And dislike it too. It's not all that bad, yeah sometimes I say to myself -- "hey, it could be worse." And I know it could. But I hate this place. (Jane! Get me off this crazy thing!) I think it's the people. The general inhabitants, of which I am one, admittedly. But I just don't like Hartford. Ugh.

Of Connecticut Drivers

Jersey drivers have a reputation. One they have earned through hard work and dilligence. One they have protected in ways their cars only envy. But I think CT drivers can give them a run for their money any day of the week. I have two favorites from today. One was the near miss from a car travelling in the opposite direction on a local road. (And these days I don't count anything over an inch away as a "near miss.") I gritted my teeth for that one. Second, I enjoyed watching a driver signal a left turn while driving straight through an intersection. Granted that's not my all time favorite, which would have to be the one who signalled right and turned left, but it's so amusing I have to laugh. Or get pissed off. Because half the drivers out there on CT roads and highways just don't care. And the other half drive much too slow to be of any use.

One day a few weeks ago, while I was coming back to my apartment after work and I was on that 5 minute stretch of highway, I looked at some idiotic driver who had cut me off and thought to myself: "Yeah. I hate Connecticut. I hate Connecticut drivers." Epiphanies come in all forms.


That's five segments and five posts-worth of posting. Sort of. Enjoy it. I figure some days will be laden with things to say and others will be filler. On the filler days, just remember that there are other, heavier, more replete ones to balance it all out.

"If human beings don't keep exercising their lips, he thought, their mouths probably seize up. After a few months' consideration and observation he abandoned this theory in favor of a new one. If they don't keep exercising their lips, he thought, their brains start working."