Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Today's Show is Brought to You By the Letter "G"

As in, "gee," Father of the Pride is an awful show. This post is about my TV watching tonight.

Father of the Pride, NBC Tuesdays

This was touted as "the next show." It's completely computer generated and features John Goodman as the voice of the main lion. Unfortunately, it doesn't feature anything recognizable as entertainment or humor. Seriously. A few words came to mind as I was watching it, mind you there were no commercials to break up the tedium, those words including: tepid, tripe, g-d awful and "why am I watching this, again?" I will be flabbergasted if this p.o.s. makes it to the end of its first season. Not even Segried and Roy can save this train wreck. Honestly, avoid this one like the plague and hope you never flip through it for fear of losing your soul.

Scrubs, NBC

In complete contrast, Scrubs is everything I remember it to be. This includes funny, amusing and entertaining. I laughed out loud many, many times. Heather Graham as a flighty psychiatrist is terrific! The show helped me remember not only why Zach Braff is a really cool actor but also why I watch this one.

Nip/Tuck, FX Tuesdays at 10pm
Pretty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is in the soul. You know it when you see it.
Chilling when coming from an attractive blind woman (played by Rebecca Gayheart). The show keeps getting better and better. Julia MacNamara becomes more and more unsettled by her husband's antics with "porn star barbie" girlfriend Kimber. So much so that Julia undergoes breast augmentation. The enigmatic Dr. Troy takes up with the new blind patient who supposedly sees more in him than he is usually credited with:
Maybe you're afraid of finding out you're not the bastard you think you are.
Then again, who'd have expected him to develop into a father? The only thing I'm wondering is why we haven't seen one of Dr. MacNamara's kids, Matt, in a few episodes. Meh, a small detail next to the big picture. Btw, looks like Famke Janssen opted not to put in another appearance yet. Too bad.

Well, I'm not going to go in-depth with Nip/Tuck. Partly because it's a rather shallow show and partly because I really like it and don't feel like cutting through its layers.. at least not yet. One final word, next week's episode looks like it will be pretty strange with Julia dreaming through most of it. Not to say that won't be interesting.