Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Top Ten Things I Did This Summer

Won't somebody think of the children!!!

10. Finally visited a comic book store.

9. Spent the time (all 15 minutes of it) to learn how to make mp3s from audio CDs I own. (The mp3s are for private-fair-use so bite me RIAA.)

8. Continued to work at the law firm. (And continued to get paid for it.)

7. Went to the Half Door every Tuesday for 15 weeks in a row. And, in so doing, obtained (i.e. bought as part of a weekly special) 15 pint glasses of varying denominations (e.g. Bass, Hoegarden, Carlsberg, Smithwicks, etc.).

6. Bought and played (am playing) Doom 3. (The people at id Software are G-DS!)

5. Religiously watched every episode of Nip/Tuck.

4. Learned the names of more waitresses at the Half Door. (I now know 3 names as compared with 1 at the beginning of the Summer. And, sadly enough, this was a legitimate goal of mine.)

3. Saw a lot of movies. And I mean A LOT. [Ed: To date, 24 in the theatre since my last final.]

2. Went to Georgia, by car, and (barely) didn't get a speeding ticket.

1. Started this blog.