Monday, August 16, 2004

Liechtenstein Lives!!!

The first of 3 today...

A hearty congratulations goes out to Crown Prince Alois, the new ruler of Liechtenstein. (CNN Article) I'm not sure why this article appeals to me. Maybe it's the repeated use of the word "Liechtenstein." It just sounds dirty. (No offense, to any Liechtensteinians who happen to be reading this.)

Excellent quotations from the article:
Despite its diminutive size -- just 160 sq. kilometers (62 sq. miles) -- Liechtenstein has a thriving industry centered on making false teeth and a successful banking sector.
Because we all know how profitable the false-teeth-making industry is these days. (Apparently it is very profitable?) And:
"Many people do not know what Liechtenstein is. Is it a person? Is it a vegetable?"
And we also all know that Liechtenstein is neither a person nor a vegetable. It's obviously a type of radish. (Oh, wait...)