Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Practicing Safe Browsing: Spyware & MSIE

There's a post over at Ernie The Attorney about spyware. The post gives a brief example of a computer expert illustrating how spyware infects a Windows machine. Their solutions/suggestions:
The moral of the story is: (1) get an Apple computer, if you possible can -- learning a new operating system is not any harder than taking the various affirmative steps to protect your Windows computer (steps that, as the author points out, most people don't take); and (2) stop using Internet Explorer and use a browser like Firefox.
I take issue with the first suggestion because, in my opinion (imo in chatspeak), if you want to live and work in the real world, you need a Windows machine. Plus, if you ever want to undertake some gaming, and I mean as in half-decent to serious to brand-new gaming, you need a Windows computer (what I sometimes call a PC, though the two are not technically synonymous).

Their second point, however, is very much true. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER!!! You! The one using IE! Don't think that I don't see you. Yes, stop. I SAID STOP, DAMNIT! Okay, good. Now type in the following in your address bar: Good, good. Now download Firefox for Windows. I SAID DOWNLOAD IT. And install it.. There you go! Now quit IE, start using Firefox AND NEVER LOOK BACK. (That is, don't look back unless you run into something you can't view over Firefox. I've only been using Firefox for a few days now but I haven't run into anything like that yet.)

Seriously folks, stop using MSIE (a.k.a. IE) and start using Firefox/Mozilla (which is actually the same as Firefox or the basis for it or some such, hehe)/another decent browser. I feel pretty strongly on this one, hence the Firefox link at the bottom of the left-hand column on this blog. Firefox has some excellent plug-ins and is really just a top-notch browser. It gets my seal of approval and non-condemnation.

Top ____ Rejected Slogans for Internet Explorer

An impromptu list that I'm making up on the fly (i.e. as I go, not as I fly, which I'm not doing at the moment, flying that is).

  • Like you really want to give Microsoft a bigger marketshare?

  • Because you like spyware and security flaws.

  • Because Bill Gates is your friend.

  • Because Bill Gates needs another, bigger boat.

  • So you can help your computer crash; then you'll need to buy another one.

  • Who wants a "good" browser when you can have one from Microsoft?

  • Open source is for wimps.

  • Netscape sucks.

  • You know you want to.

  • Everyone else is using it.

  • Regressing computers since 1991.

  • Natural selection at work.

  • It'll increase your blood pressure while decreasing your patience!

Hey, it's impromptu. Keep your eyes peeled for a better list later today. (N.B. In no way does this website support peeling your eyes. The phrase used is an idiom and is intended to convey the message that you should be alert to this site for another list post later today. Please do not peel your eyes in a literal sense as you may very well diminish or lose your sight and thus be unable to keep reading this blog. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Have a nice day!)