Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Law School Love Doctor Is In

Alright, I won't profess to be anything of the sort but I will profess to be a single male law student, which I assuredly am (or so I will assure you). Coming into law school, it's amazing how many people are in committed relationships. It's on the order of 50-75% of the class (and my guess is more towards the 75% end). Even then, by the end of the first year, over 75% of my law school friends were involved in a moderately serious relationship. What this means, well I'm not entirely sure of that or the statistics, but I will wonder whether this is indicative of the field or graduate studies in general.

A small amount of background. I have.. around 15 good law school friends. Of those 15, 3 or 4 of them (so 4 or 5 of 16 if you include me) are single or not in a committed relationship (I give the "or" because one of us, the one not being me, just began a relationship almost 2 weeks ago). Some of the "involved" 11/12 group are incestuous, i.e. involved with each other, which is not per se incestuous but rather is so in the sense of 1L law students meeting and seeing other 1L law students by the end of their first year. Which, by my informal, inaccurate study, indicates that if you're still a single law student by the end of your first year, the law student pool becomes ever so much smaller. Now I'm not ruling out upper classmen going out with lower classmen, rather I'm indicating that the pool of available people has substantially narrowed.

Does my physics-related statistical thinking show through yet? Or is it the 3 beers I had with dinner tonight?

Anyways, it reminds me a lot of going out with freshmen/freshwomen in college (as compared with trolling the incoming 1L's). Inadvisable. I've done both in my lifetime with similar results. (I'm still single.)

I'm not entirely sure where I was headed with this post. I think my angle was something along the lines of "I'm a single law student and it ain't easy being green" (with nods to Jim Henson's immortal Kermit the Frog). Hey, I'm trying to maintain that "one post a day" minimum. And trying to post before Nip/Tuck begins. Hopefully out of my beer-influenced ramblings you can derive a nugget of wisdom (or at least substance). Whoops! Five minutes to Nip/Tuck. Gotta run!