Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Top Seventeen Legal Textbooks

17. Property (And How To Legally Obtain It From Other People)

16. Torts for Law Students Dummies

15. Uncivil Procedure

14. The 25 lb Book That You’ll Have to Carry to School Three Times a Week (d/b/a The Tax Code)

13. Ethics for Unscrupulous, Lying, Cheating Bastards Lawyers

12. Legal Crimes

11. Illegal Crimes

10. Tax Evasion Made Easy

9. Things You Shouldn’t Do As A Lawyer (But Will)

8. How To Represent Other Dishonest Weasels

7. Constitutional Law Made Easy

6. Copywrong

5. Conflicts of Lawyers

4. Influential Lawyers In History (Ones That Weren’t Caught and Burned at the Stake)

3. Evidence You Don’t Want Used Against You

2. Administrative Agencies That Are Actually Productive

1. How Not To Get Caught