Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy Blogiversary to A Season of Mists!!!

I've been so wrapped up of late that I nearly missed it! July 29 was this blog's blogiversary! It's been up and running for the past year. Though the direction of the this blog has gotten away from me a bit, especially of late, on the whole I'm pretty happy with it. I'm not sure what the future holds for this place but I plan on continuing to blog for the foreseeable future!

In commemoration of this hallowed event I'd like to present an assortment of posts from the past year. Enjoy!


The most sought-after post on the blog is one on Rock Toxin, an ABC made-for-tv movie starring Gary Cole. For the month or two after the movie was first shown, I keept getting visitors from various search engines based on the movie. To this day, it's the number one search leading to this blog!

One of my absolute favorite links was from this post -- linking to an amazing tale of a biker's suburban encounter with "an evil attack squirrel of death." I love squirrels. (In a purely platonic sense of course.)

Another favorite post of mine was one describing The THL Yeti Meltdown. So tragic! Especially for the Antarctican yetis! *sob*

Occasionally I attempted some more unique art forms, including haikus , ASCII pictures, and miscellaneous poetry.

I've apologized to my Republican friend for some of our Democrat rabble-rousing.

I've discussed the U.S. Open Squeegee Machines.

My Forensics class experience with guns got a post.

We watched SpaceShipOne win the Ansari X prize and lamented over the passing of Jerry Orbach.

How does a guy go about purchasing women's underwear?

Ladder Theory for Dummies.

Male behavior partially dissected.

What it might be like to be a superhero.

Practicality vs. Ruthlessness.

My birthday.

Post-apocalyptic musings.

Futurama and Family Guy quotes.

Why do I want to be a lawyer?

The Law School Wrap Up Post.

Words are a recurring topic. Every now and then you'll hear about words that I find funny or ones that catch my eye, such as snark , ciabata bread, smite, Satan, schadenfreude, grok, AYB, and schattenjager.

You'll note that I haven't mentioned the Top Ten Lists or Movie Reviews. Even though I haven't updated either of those master lists for the past 6 months, relatively little was added of those in the past 6 months. Check out the links to the left if you're interested.

You'll also observe that I've spared you recaps on my personal life -- things like the girls I've gone out with (all 2 of them, one being The Ex), my health problems, and my bar exam studying gone awry. Although those were certainly some of the more interesting things for me in the past year the posts I wrote on them do not make for good reading. Perhaps that's a category for improvement in the future.

Occasionally a more serious law school-related topic becomes ripe for discussion. We've seen Blawging For Dummies Law Students and The Pre-Law School Advice Recap (Sort of).

Law is an ever-present topic. Especially some odd things like Space Law and some non-odd ones like Living Wills and Antitrust Law.

I met my first anonymous reader. Someone I didn't know and hadn't met before introduced himself and complimented me on the blog. Very scary.

I did find one other fellow UConn law blogger. Since then he's stopped his blog. A shame too since it was a nice one, very well done, lots of interesting law discussions.

Then there was the time when one of my law professors mentioned this blog in class. Pure instantaneous terror. I think I'll remember that last day of class for the rest of my life.


Before closing, I want to make one statistics observation. I first began using Site Meter last August. According to Site Meter, this blog spiked in September 2004 with a total of approximately 1500 visits and 2800 page views that month. Since then, no other month has come close. In fact, this past July 2005 has been the next highest month for statistics with approximately 1100 visits and 1550 page views. eXTReMe Tracking has similar statistics. I attribute this past month's increase to the bar exam and the new readers my bar exams posts have attracted. Although some of those readers may stick around, I anticipate a drop in readership as compared with July. One reason I mention these statistics here is because Site Meter only visibly tracks the previous 12 months. Hence, once the blog hits August tomorrow, no more visible stats for last August via Site Meter.


All in all it's been a good year for the blog and for myself. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it! Cheers!