Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Top Ten Worst Things To Do Other Than Study For The Bar Exam(s)

15. Play a video game. (World of Warcraft, ugh! But an awesome game!)

14. Desperately try to think of a 14th entry in a Top "Ten" List so the list does not have 13 entries. (Then come up with two ideas, thereby negating the explicit need for the special 14th one.)

13. Purchase and play a new video game. (Digital Devil Saga for the PS2. An excellent RPG!)

12. Go on vacation. A vacation from your problems! (A la What About Bob?)

11. Develop a drinking problem a la Airplane. (Surprisingly I'm drinking less these days. Huh.)

10. Develop a consciousness problem a la bar exam. ("Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in contact with it." -- N.B. Google the phrase and you'll find a comment of mine made elsewhere. Weird.)

9. Start Googling the phrase "a la" to learn of its origin and real definition. (Courtesy of by Farlex: French, short for à la mode de, in the manner of.)

8. Purchase and read the new Harry Potter book. (Working on it. Up to page 190-something 349 [EDIT: 4:30am] so far.)

7. Learn how to fly by throwing youself at the ground. (See Life, the Universe and Everything.)

6. Not graduate from law school. (Inapplicable for me, thank G-d!)

5. Stay up late drafting Top Ten Lists of things you should not be doing (but are doing).

4. Purchase and watch a recently-released movie on DVD. (Constantine for me. Man do I like that movie!)

3. Check out the local "bars" and see what information you can "tap" there. (The puns! The puns! Save me from the puns!!!)

2. Move to Australia. (With nods to Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.)

1. Wish you were studying for the bar exam(s).

Happy studying, everyone!