Sunday, July 31, 2005

I can't believe it.

I spent the majority of today helping two friends move their worldly possessions. I hadn't really thought ahead to this point but now that the bar exam is over, various friends are moving away to wherever they're going. It reminds me a lot of the end of college -- having to say goodbye to really good friends, not knowing when I'll see them next, hoping we stay in touch. I'd forgotten this was coming and it snuck up on me when I wasn't expecting it.

And by the way, moving two friends' things -- not the best way to spend a Saturday. I am very, very sore. Lifting, heaving, ugh! But it's good exercise and it's always nice to help out friends, however you can. I don't anticipate needing their help when I move. I've got movers and a truck. Movers, suckers! Movers!!! (Yeah! Eat that!!)

So I was relaxing in my apartment tonight, screwing around in a computer game, when one of my friends who's leaving (granted he's only moving to elsewhere in CT, 45 min. away) gave me a call. He and I went out and hit the town, got a bite to eat then did what any red-blooded recent male law school graduate would do -- we went to the strip club.

Now I want to stress that I feel kind of bad knowing that this post will stay up on my blog's main page for the two weeks I'm away in Italy. You know, this post mentioning the strip club and briefly discussing it. I'd like to mention that, as far as I can recall, no previous posts of mine have discussed the local strip clubs. Whether this is a dire problem or a blessed success I leave for the reader to decide.

So we went to Kahoots. There's one in East Hartford that's pretty good. Only 10 min. away or so. I've also been to the Gold Club (Hartford I think) and another Kahoots that's 25 min. East of Hartford. Despite being in a fraternity in college, I hadn't been to a strip club before until my first year of law school, back when Old School was in the theaters. It was an interesting time. A group of us first-years had decided to go on the spur of the moment. Probably one of the best ways to hit a strip club for the first time. And it was the first time for almost all of us there. Since then I've been back to them a few times. Not often but randomly, rarely.

But this isn't a post about strip clubs. I suppose I could write one on my experiences with them and findings but it doesn't appeal to me. (Such a post, I mean.) Personally, I still have reservations about going to strip clubs and I think I always will. Eh.

Tomorrow I'm going to clean my apartment -- throw all the empty bottles away and take out the trash. Start getting ready for an Italian vacation. Pay the bills. Hopefully pick up the dry cleaning. Not sleep in (sadly). Not play my video games (also sadly). Probably not see another movie in the theater. Probably not read my book. (You get the idea.)

Also, some of you have not been doing your job here. For same I say! FOR SHAME!!! I asked you to leave a comment with the previous post. Thus far 2 of you have been kind enough to respond and share your reasons for becoming a lawyer. Obviously some of you are afraid to contribute! (For shame, again! FOR SHAME!!!) So rarely do I ask for your cooperation and participation. And then when I do only 2 people are NICE enough to respond? You're lucky I don't disinherit the lot of you!

So no cookies tonight! "You have failed me for the last time."