Friday, July 29, 2005

Just Got Back

From The Actuary's party. Still drunk. One beer + A strongly-self-mixed white Russian = A drunk Alan make. And this is even after the 15 min. walk back to my apt.

I havent' posted this yet but on Monday my mom and I leave for 2 weeks in Italy. We have an apartment rented in Florence for 2 weeks, 12 days really with the other 2 in Paris, right before our flight back to the states via Amsterdam. A nice post-Bar exam vacation. Should be fun. We've got 1st class tickets so I anticipate utilizing the airplane's alcholic beverages. Yay for those in advbance.

You ever notice what it's like and what you think about when drunk? Sometimes, as in college for me, it's like a slow-motion strobe light flickering on and off at the street corners. Sometimes it's like there's a film of jelly between you and the surrounding world, obscuring things and making your motions and actions imprecise. Dunno why I write abvout it, other than I'm drunk.

The Lebowski Party was semi-successful. Watched Evil Dead II for the first 1-1.5 hours. Then I sat there, alone half the time, watching The Big Lebowski, drinking a strongly-self-mixed white Russian. Good stuff. The other 3 non-residents there were actuarial-types. Okay people. We hung through the Evil Dead II but only I stuck in the same room for the Lebowski. I mean I'm generally antisocial with unknown peoples but I was feeling no specific need to mingle tonight. So I watched and drank.

And now I blog. And then I stay up a bit before sleeping before waking early to help 1 friend move then another. Gonna be a busy tomorrow. Hopefully I'll squeeze in another movie or 2. Cheers!